Winter Lip Care


Winter Lip Care

Having moving lips is what every mm dreams of.

But in winter, lips are prone to problems.

Dryness, or the far end can hurt your lips, so how can we protect our gentle land?

  When winter arrives, the moisture content in the air is extremely low, making it easy to dry.

At this time, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially pears, coriander and other foods that have the effect of stimulating fluids, and supplement the human body with vitamin B2 and vitamin A.

  2 When lips are dry, licking the lips will only bring about a brief moisturization, and when the water evaporates, it will take away more water.

Do not peel at will, this can cause bleeding and pain.

The correct way is to apply a hot towel to the lips 3?
For 5 minutes, then use a soft brush to brush off the dead skin on the lips and apply lip balm.

  3 before applying lipstick, be sure to put on lip balm before lip gloss, because the pigment in cosmetics will deepen the lip color and lip lines, lip balm can play an isolation role.

  4 Before going to bed, apply honey, olive oil or a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the lips, then seal the lips with a plastic wrap, and then apply it with a warm towel. After a few minutes, you can achieve a plump and nourishing effect.

  5 Do not eat spicy food, this will cause extra irritation of the mucous membranes of the lips, foaming, which is why some friends get angry on the mouth, it is actually irritating.

  6 Regularly massage the lips to stimulate blood circulation, tighten the contours of the mouth, and eliminate or reduce lateral wrinkles on the lips.