What are the care for children with allergic asthma

What are the care for children with allergic asthma

Core tip: Allergic asthma is due to its allergic constitution, plus chronic respiratory inflammation caused by allergens in the environment.

Occurs when the seasons alternate, and the temperature and humidity change greatly.

With the increasing number of allergic children and the advancement of medicine, it is no longer difficult to detect allergic asthma early.

Although allergic asthma cannot be cured, the day after tomorrow’s treatment and life care are the best ways to prevent it.

  Some cough in the middle of the night, and some patients with chronic cough who do n’t heal. Except for wheezing and breathing, the symptoms of many children are not so typical.Be alert and see if there is a possibility of allergic asthma!

  What is the simple cause of allergic asthma in babies? Allergic asthma belongs to the first type of immediate allergic reaction. Its mechanism is that after allergic immunoglobulins on allergic cells combine with allergens, allergic cells are released such as histamineAfter waiting for substances to attract the arrival of eosinophils and red blood cells, at this moment people will suffer from asthma attacks due to the increase in air passage resistance caused by the contraction of tracheal smooth muscles, tracheal wall edema, and increased secretions.

Generally speaking, asthma attacks caused by external allergies are exogenous asthma, and children’s asthma mostly belongs to this type.

In addition, there are also stimuli that do not require allergens. Asthma caused by exercise and emotional changes is called intrinsic asthma.