[5 Ways to Play Make Your Partner Closer]

[5 Ways to Play “Make Your Partner Closer]

It’s a game, but it’s actually very simple.

At the beginning, we often borrowed some props, some miniature billiard cases, darts, monopoly and the like.

While playing the game, let the other party tell an absolutely unspeakable affair in accordance with the principle of winning or losing the game, or designate the other party to do a housework.

Later, we can increase the game swap anywhere, or when going out shopping, let the other person guess which pair they like best when facing a row of shoes; walking on the road, just seeing what a portrait of the thunder person is, and enter the other person,Tell a story-it looks a little boring, doesn’t it?

5 cores1. The game can create pleasure and is a tool for two people to improve their understanding. 2. The key to the game is to become the exclusive “common time making machine” for the two people, so that the two truly fit closely from the body to the body.

Shopping or watching movies is actually okay, but we often use them as a “scene” in love.

At this time, the freshness of the game caused the two people to concentrate on the experience again; 3, billiards, darts, flip chess . just the carrier.

Game-minded partners can play very high without toys; 4, when it is time to take it seriously, you cannot use games instead.

For example, when you have grievances in TA, you will not feel hesitant when you are no longer laughing and joking. 5. In addition to giving two people extra points, the game can invite more people, such as friends and family.

The happy time with everyone is actually the wonderful emotional environment of two people.