[Baby food supplement apple puree]_Baby_How to do

[Baby food supplement apple puree]_Baby_How to do

Apple is the most common fruit in our lives. It is sweet and sour, and rich in nutrition. It is also suitable as a child’s complementary food ingredient.

After four months, the baby needs to gradually add a variety of complementary foods. A diversified diet is conducive to providing children with comprehensive nutrients. Apple puree is a better choice.

So, what is the practice of baby food supplement apple puree?

Let’s take a look below.

First, raw materials: 25 grams of apple puree, baby rice noodles, and orange juice. Production method: 1. First, pour about 180 ml of warm boiling water at 40-70 ° C into 35g of nutritious rice noodles; pay attention to mixing while pouring,The water can be fully contacted. The method of stirring is to stir for one minute at a uniform speed in one direction, and place it in a paste for 30 seconds; then, pour the apple puree and orange juice directly into the prepared rice flour and stir well.

Applicable people: Supplementary foods for infants and young children, added according to the baby’s physical development and recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

2. Material: Apple Method: 1. Wash the apple first, cut it into four pieces on a cutting board; 2. Then remove the kernels from it; 3. Put it in a plastic bowl to steam;4. Steam for about 10 minutes. Take out the steamed apples and scrape out the pulp with a spoon. These pulps are pureed apples.

Third, raw materials: 1 apple, 100ml yogurt, sugar.

Method: 1. Wash the apple, peel it, cut into pieces, mash it into a pot, boil it and add sugar.

2. After boiling until thick, pour out and let cool.

3. Pour in yogurt and mix well.

Babies can eat apple puree every month. Experts point out: 4-month-old babies can add apple puree, but they must start with a small amount, starting with one spoon. When there is no abnormality, slowly add two spoons, three spoons, etc.
For supplementary foods, under normal circumstances, babies half a month old can add cod liver oil, 2-3 months old babies can add appropriate amounts of vegetable water and fruit juice, and babies over 4 months old can add complementary foods.

Complementary food is added between secondary milk. When the baby’s physiological function is not suitable, you can start with rice noodles. After the baby’s body function is adapted, slowly add other complementary foods. Generally speaking, like 4-6Months of baby can add rice soup, rice paste, gruel, egg yolk, fish puree, vegetable puree, fruit puree, tofu and so on.

Therefore, apple puree is more suitable for babies over 4 months.

In addition, parents also need to pay attention to the principle of adding complementary foods to their babies: 1. It must be from little to more so that the baby has a process of adaptation.

2, then from thin to thick, from fine to thick, from one to many.

3. Also note that if your baby is sick, it is not recommended to add new complementary foods.