These nuts are poisonous. Do n’t eat them.

These nuts are poisonous. Do n’t eat them.

If I recommend several kinds of snacks after tea, then nuts will be indispensable, because it is both delicious and nutritious, and has high nutritional value. It is a natural food.

However, not all nuts are good for your health. You should stay away from the following.

  Hara-flavored nuts contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, and rancidity will occur if improper storage or overlapping is placed, which is what we often call “Hala-flavor”.

Fatty acids in nuts produce rancidity, which is harmful enough to make the nut taste worse and produce a pungent spicy taste.

In addition, the products of nut rancidity in nuts, such as small molecules of aldehydes and ketones, also threaten physical health.

If you consume a large amount, the lighter can cause diarrhea, and the severer can cause liver disease.

Nut vendors generally do not want to throw away the spoiled nuts, and the best way to cover the “Hala flavor” is to add a large amount of salt, pepper, aniseed, sweeteners, flavors, etc. during processing to flavor, so the spoiled nuts are often hidden in the saltyAmong the flavored, five-flavored and creamy nuts, according to the original, the quality of fried nuts is relatively better.

  Many moldy nuts are susceptible to contamination by aflatoxin and cause mildew, resulting in a highly toxic substance-aflatoxin, which can cause fever and discard vomiting, which will seriously endanger life.

Aflatoxin also has a strong carcinogenic ability, which causes great damage to human organs.

Therefore, moldy nuts must not be eaten. Once you find that the nuts in your mouth have a bitter, musty or spicy taste, spit them out and rinse your mouth in time.

  The charred nuts are rich in trace amounts of protein, glucose, and ordinary heating is not enough to destroy them, but when the nuts are burned, the temperature is already above 200 ° C. At this time, the nutrients that were originally beneficial to the body began to be partially transformed.As carcinogenic benzopyrene, naphthylamine, acrylamide and other substances, charred nuts are not suitable for consumption.

  Additives that have been treated with paraffin wax. Adding paraffin wax when processing nuts will make the product brighter and sell better. It will not easily become moist and soft. If you look at the nuts, the oil will look brighter and brighter than ordinary nuts.At that time, it is likely to add paraffin; increase, some vendors add paraffin to nuts that have been overstocked for a long time and have bad colors.

The paraffin waxes used by traders are not high in purity and contain impurities such as heavy metals, which are harmful to health.

  The taste is too heavy. First, the heavier the taste, the more salt is often added. Second, many heavy flavored and scented nuts are added with flavors, saccharin and other substances during processing. Creamy nuts are also added with margarine.There is no good for the body; in the end, the heavier the taste of the nuts, the hidden the possibility of spoilage behind their deliciousness.

  Responsible merchants with scattered dust will pay attention to the cleanliness of the nut material, the dustproofness of the product, and the market is also full of dust and other impurities.

Therefore, it is best for consumers to look carefully at the bottom of the container containing the nuts. Unclean nuts often fall a layer of ash under the container.