Fat happy weight loss method

Fat happy weight loss method

How do you immerse yourself in snacks, cola, braised pork flavors and fat sofas in a soft sofa? How do you slim down happily?

What is the weight loss method?

  Once, I was a happy fat man. The reason why I was happy was because I didn’t know the troubles of obesity, but I always enjoyed unparalleled satisfaction in laziness.

I immerse myself in snacks, cola, braised meat and soft sofas, throwing all my physical activity outside the clouds, and enjoying my fairy-like college life.

  Although I am lazy, it does not mean giving up the pursuit of beauty.

As the form expands, I find that there are fewer and fewer suitable clothes that can be found. In the philosophical thinking of the fat man: the clothes that can be worn are good clothes.

Finally, one day, I found that all the buttons on the trousers could not be buckled. The problem of obesity is already very serious.

So, the next day after the summer vacation, I had not washed the dust coming home, and I was dragged into the gym by my father.

  The dream is beautiful, and the reality is not necessarily cool.

After careful physical testing, I started the first day of practice and felt relaxed and happy.

Although I have been sleeping like a bear for so many years, I was also a sports athlete. I played basketball and flew around, and I was very good.

What equipment, aerobic, all are not in the words, which can be greatly out of personal education.

At the end of the day, I took a shot of my chest, and I was proud of it: Boss, I want to kill you.

If I say a painful word, I am not a man!

. leather, this thing is often blown . . the next day, the coach probably figured out my details, the arrangement of the course has been adjusted, everywhere to challenge the limits of this man, I am swollen face fatDead to the end, and finally screamed: cool!

As a result, I went straight to the bed and the muscles of my body were sore.

  The good news is that this kind of deep physical and mental torture has not lasted for a long time. The transfer and love of the food are not good, the body adapts, and the pain drops with my weight.

I can break my music. During that time, when I say hello, I will pull up my clothes and enjoy the lovely stripes with my friends.

  I feel good, I am naturally strong, and I am not afraid to push a hundred pounds!

Fitness must be of interest.

Looking at weight loss every day, I am too happy to be happy. If you want to have a concept of suffering, you will feel incompetent, then you will be invincible.

I am ashamed, lose weight, don’t think about how to suffer hard, how to suffer crimes, transfer focus.

What is needed is to lose weight and lose weight easily.

Speaking of the happiness of losing weight, I really want to mention my coach.

It was him that made the originally boring training become interesting.

My coach, the man with the legendary chest muscles shaking, has a gentle and kind heart hidden under the mighty and powerful appearance.

He gave me classes, basically ridicule along with the training, because of this, in the process of jokes, one by one, the unknowingly completed, naturally, is effective and interesting.

I remember that every time I wanted to relax, he quietly quietly behind me: “There is a little sister watching you behind!”

Are you too lazy?

Fast, fierce, man!

“I can only admit that my will is weak, and he is the one who kills.”

The first reaction after listening to me was to add five pounds and ten pounds to the weight, then yank it, and then vomited and made a chic.

This is a veritable one, and one willing to fight.

  My weight loss plan is going on in my attitude that seems to be a hard work.

I understand that the days when I changed from a little fat man to a handsome guy are not far away.

In the first month, he lost more than ten kilograms and grew seven or eight pounds of muscle.

The waist is 5 cm smaller.

Before taking the physical report to my mother, I reminded her not to be too excited.  Finally, I want to say, I want to thank the life-long weight loss process, cultivate my perseverance, and establish my confidence.

  The coach commented on how to effectively lose weight scientifically?

How to reduce fat without rebounding?

These problems have been plaguing the majority of obese patients.

Based on my years of experience in fitness guidance, I provide readers with some suggestions and methods: First, scientific training methods: 1 core training + aerobic training, generally obese people have a large abdomen, waist and abdomen is the core part of the human, a few largeThe strength of the person’s waist and abdomen is weak, which hinders effectiveness in running and other training.

  2 equipment training + aerobic training.

The initial training lays the foundation, and the second step is for equipment training. The purpose is to reduce the amount, increase the muscles, increase the metabolic rate, and prevent the weight from rebounding quickly.

  In fact, reasonable and reasonable nutrition, eat more high-fiber foods, trace low-food foods as little as possible, three colors of vegetables should be complete, cold drinks and some sweets try to avoid in weight loss, meat try to eat some lean meatIt is necessary to properly replenish water.

  Finally, just like the author of the article, be a happy fat man with a good attitude.

A good mentality plays a decisive role in the process of losing weight, maintaining the most positive and optimistic attitude, and regards exercise as a part of life and persists.